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Vanessa Vega

Operations Director

Vanessa Vega holds the position of Operations Director at Kiser Group, where she oversees a broad spectrum of responsibilities encompassing finances, operations, human resources, compliance, and event planning. In her day-to-day activities, Vanessa efficiently manages all transaction responsibilities, ensuring each deal aligns with compliance standards and financial objectives. Beyond her transactional duties, Vanessa takes an active role in orchestrating company outings and contributes to the success of major company events. 

Vanessa began her career as an Operations Specialist for Loss Prevention, followed by a role as Hiring Team Lead at a healthcare staffing office. It was during these experiences that she discovered her passion for operations, finances, and human resources.

Vanessa graduated first generation from Northeastern Illinois University with a BS in Business Management. Additionally, she is fluent in Spanish, adding a valuable linguistic skill to her versatile profile. Vanessa not only excels in her professional pursuits but also finds joy in travel, spending quality time with friends and family, and exploring new restaurants, activities, and places.