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We help clients sell and buy multifamily assets with the goal of maximizing their returns and achieving their long-term objectives. Our work requires a nuanced balance of science and art, and our process is based on a few key qualities:

We are curious:

Being tapped into current market dynamics is critical. We consistently update our market knowledge by seeking and uncovering new information daily. We weave that information into what we already know, ensuring our grasp on the market is accurate and confident.

We are connected:

Relationships are paramount in this business. We are constantly growing and expanding our vast and comprehensive network. We know the players, we know who’s active, and we know who to involve to get deals done.

We love the numbers:

Data powers the deals we do. Digging into the financial details, we discover the strengths and opportunities of the investment. The numbers convey the property’s story.

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    Investment Sales:

    Wealth in multifamily assets is created through well-positioned sales and smart buys.

    Selling a multifamily asset well requires specialized expertise, know-how, and access. With thousands of multifamily transactions under our belt, Kiser Group maximizes its clients’ opportunities to sell and buy profitably. We have the market knowledge, analytical capability, and savvy to help our clients make crucial decisions about when to sell, what to buy, and how to leverage their holdings for maximum benefit. From large garden complexes, to urban high rises, 1920’s walkups, 6-flats, land for development, new construction, and other multifamily products, Kiser Group has a specialist to match each client’s specific need. Diligently maintaining and growing our database, we provide our clients with unmatched access to the most active investors in the industry, ranging from long-term owners to the newest investors, successfully matching the right sellers and buyers, at the right time.

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    Deconversion Sales:

    Condominium deconversion sales require specialists with deep experience representing associations.

    Condo deconversion sales are a specialized sale process governed by Section 15 of the Illinois Condominium Property Act. Multiple legal hurdles and nuances have to be navigated by both unit owners and buyers. If the proper steps are not taken, delays and deal terminations can result. Kiser Group’s deconversion team understands the complexities of condo deconversions and has the experience and savvy to timely and successfully close the deal. The process of transferring a condominium building from multiple owners to single ownership requires hands-on representation, clear communication, and finesse. Our performance in Section 15 sales is evidenced by our hundreds of satisfied customers.

  • 1031

    Preserving wealth through a 1031 exchange is a crucial investment strategy.

    The keys for a successful 1031 exchange are (1) finding the proper replacement investment; and (2) timing the transactions just right to secure the tax advantage. Kiser Group’s tenacity and extensive market reach generate opportunities, both listed and off-market, so our clients can accomplish their 1031 investment strategies. We appreciate the nuances and complexities of a 1031 exchange, including the requirements, process, and necessary timing, and are expert in negotiating the right terms and flexibility to get the deals done.

  • Lender

    Providing lenders with valuation and selling expertise to guide their financial interests in multifamily assets.

    Kiser Group assists lenders with market analyses, property valuations, due diligence support, and transaction management so that loans can be analyzed and placed as efficiently as possible. We also have extensive experience representing lenders in note sales, REO sales, and short sales, with a proven track record of maximizing lenders’ financial positions.