a broker.

Kiser Group creates brokers and positions them as leaders in the multifamily market.

Our comprehensive and in-depth approach ensures your success through a tailored onboarding system and training infrastructure. Employing a cohort-based model, we prioritize relationship building, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among our brokers. We help you craft a business plan to attain your targeted market share and income goals.

Our brokerage training
is unparalleled in the industry.

Our training process breaks down the brokerage business into digestible components, featuring specific modules, active learning activities, and weekly group and one-on-one meetings, along with regular check-ins with our sales manager and managing broker, Lee Kiser. We guide you through every stage of the brokerage continuum, covering essential tasks, and provide the opportunity for you to shadow industry experts in real-time, gaining invaluable insights and experience.

We prioritize
marketing you.

Kiser Group’s new brokers partner with our marketing team to promote their unique businesses effectively. In addition to amassing a range of profile raising skills, new Kiser Group brokers broker receive ongoing marketing support and maximum exposure in the market — not only to that broker’s potential clients but also to Kiser Group’s extensive and expanding database.

We are your business
partner – now and always.

We invest in our brokers for the long-haul, which is why we offer one of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry and provide access to our health insurance plans.

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