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Kyle Sissell


Kyle Sissell is an Advisor at Kiser Group. Since joining the team, he has established himself as forward-thinking and versatile, advising clients on optimal strategies for managing their assets and leveraging markets. In his role, Kyle specializes in the analysis, acquisition, and disposition of apartment communities across the Midwest, using proprietary data and experiences to provide market evaluations and effective execution strategies. Kyle thrives on Kiser Group’s dynamic and innovative environment, and he values the confidence exhibited from staff to ownership and fellow Midwest Team members.

Kyle has honed his skills in the sub-institutional and large private markets as a multifamily broker working with several leading firms. His experiences and successes have been instrumental in shaping his advisory approach at Kiser Group.

Kyle earned a degree in Public Finance from Indiana University. He plays soccer and golf, and finds relaxation in fishing, winter sports, and traveling.