Every month during 2021, Kiser Group has contributed $2,000 through its Rent Assistance Program to Chicago-area landlords or property managers for rent owed by residents. Each month, we’ve shared the program’s impact. 


Rent Assistance Update

In the final installment of the program, Kiser Group allocated $2,000 in rental assistance through Creative Designs.

“COVID-19 threw us all a curveball, whether it was lost wages, closed childcare, illness or simply navigating the unknowns of a global pandemic,” said Lee Kiser of Kiser Group. “As multifamily brokers, we knew our clients could get money directly into the hands of those who needed it most. Over the last 12 months, we’ve partnered with 12 local housing providers across the city. Now at the program’s conclusion, we’re humbled by the impact it has made and proud of the $24,000 Kiser Group has contributed in addition to additional funds given by local housing providers.”


Creative Designs Impact Story

After receiving the $2,000 rental assistance allocation, Creative Designs shared the following update:

“The rental assistance was applied to the past due balance of a resident in the South Austin neighborhood. This father of two young children lost his job when COVID-19 started. He found a part time job, but it was not enough to cover living expenses. His parents tried to help by sending partial monthly payments on his behalf, but it was a burden on them as well. The $2,000 brought his past due balance to zero, and now he only owes November rent. It was perfect timing, too. He just got a full-time job at the Post Office, and he will start fresh! He was beyond grateful when we informed him about the assistance.”


Kiser Group Staff