Kiser Group Celebrates Successful Rent Assistance Program in 2021

2021 started on uncertain ground for many Americans, and Chicago was not immune to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic – lives lost, lay offs, illnesses, child care disruptions. For those already struggling, 2021 brought new, unpredictable challenges. 

In an effort to help, Kiser Group created a Rent Assistance Program and decided to partner with those who knew where help was most needed – local property managers and housing providers. Over the past year, Kiser Group worked with 12 Chicago different multifamily companies to give $24,000 to residents struggling to pay rent. 

“Countless multifamily residents had difficulty paying rent due to employment or health issues resulting from the pandemic,” Kiser Group Principal and Managing Broker Lee Kiser said. “When we reviewed available charitable options, none seemed to get aid directly into the hands of people who needed it most. We realized our clients – Chicago housing providers – could help.”

Kiser Group partnered with the 12 housing providers below to assist residents in need. The links describe how each partner applied the assistance and the impact on residents:

“We are so grateful our clients embraced this initiative, especially those who took the idea further by matching or increasing our contribution with their own,” Kiser said. “Kiser Group will continue to move assistance directly into the hands of Chicagoans in need.”


Kiser Group Staff