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Jack Lambert


Jack Lambert, a Kiser Group Advisor, brings an aggressive, attentive, and knowledgeable approach to his role. He specializes in facilitating the sale of multifamily buildings, providing comprehensive advice and overseeing the entire sale process. Jack is committed to providing the best possible insights and negotiations for his clients while keeping owners well-informed about current market conditions and securing the best deals on their behalf. Jack feels right at home at Kiser Group in a culture of success for those willing to work hard. 

Jack gained experience in property management and as a leasing specialist, laying a solid foundation for his current role. His practical approach — showing up, understanding his products thoroughly, and distinguishing good deals from bad — has been pivotal in his career growth at Kiser Group. He closed his first solo deal in 2023, a significant achievement.

Jack studied at the College of DuPage and the University of Iowa. He has a passion for experiences that broaden his horizons, including traveling in Italy, scuba diving, and investing in multifamily properties.