Danny Logarakis Promoted to Director

After 45 properties, over 400 units, and $140M in total transaction volume, Kiser Group’s Danny Logarakis has earned his promotion from Advisor to Director. Danny recaps his experiences throughout his brokerage career and details his goals for his new role.

Logarakis began his career in real estate at a regional firm and had hopes of moving his focus to the multifamily industry. When he heard about Kiser Group, he was intrigued by the brand recognition and available resources. “I was introduced to Kiser Group by Kiser Group Partner, Aaron Sklar. He essentially recruited me after hearing me talk about my goals for multifamily real estate,” Logarakis said. “I remember walking into Lee Kiser’s office, eager to pick his brain and work alongside him. Eventually, I found myself at a desk at Kiser Group.”

Danny’s expertise on the Northside neighborhoods has provided him with the opportunity to know the area on a block-by-block basis, which has been an invaluable asset in his career. When working with clients in these Northside neighborhoods, Danny is able to provide them with expert market insight and connect them with a curated network of investors in the neighborhood. “Building these relationships has been the most significant part of my career,” he stated.

Over the remaining quarters of 2022, Danny’s goal is to complete 20 transactions on the North side. “I’ve found that in my career, setting goals is something that keeps me motivated and focused through the highs and lows of the market,” he said. “The market ebbs and flows, and it’s beyond your control as a broker.”

After six years as a broker at Kiser Group, Danny explains the one piece of advice he would give to a broker to help them navigate these ups and downs. “Understand the importance of establishing strong relationships and building trust with your clients,” Danny said. “These relationships and the trust that you build prepares you for both the highs and the lows of the market.”

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