Kiser Group’s Birk | Sklar Team brokers 34 apartment buildings so far this year

Kiser Group’s Birk | Sklar team continues to have one of its most active years by brokering 607 units across 34 apartment buildings. Throughout Chicago’s south and west sides, the team also has 208 units across 21 apartment buildings currently under contract and 25 active listings comprising 404 units. “There’s no shortage of capital searching for the aggressive cash flow that the buildings on the south and west side offer,” said Birk. “When you combine that demand with this historically low-interest-rate environment, it’s resulted in a record number of transactions at record-breaking prices” Notable 2021 closings include: 

  • 7350 S. Phillips — located in the South Shore neighborhood, this 70-unit apartment building sold for $5,200,000.
  • 3432-40 W. Franklin Blvd. — located in South Humboldt Park, the 46-unit multifamily property sold for $3,700,000.
  • 8201 S. Michigan Ave. – located in Chatham, the 43-unit apartment building sold for $2,500,000.
  • 6553 S. King Dr. — located in West Woodlawn, the 24-unit multifamily property sold for $1,900,000.
  • 11027-35 S. King Dr. – located in Pullman, the 27-unit apartment property sold for $1,740,000.
  • 6800 S. Merrill Ave. — located in Jackson Park, the 22-unit multifamily building sold for $1,650,000.
  • 7752 S. Racine Ave. — located in Auburn Gresham, the 41-unit mixed-use property sold for $1,650,000.
  • 6420 S. Kenwood Ave. — located in Woodlawn, the 14-unit multifamily building sold for $1,500,00.
  • 7722 S. Jeffery – located in the South Shore neighborhood, this 25 unit apartment building sold for $1,425,000.
  • 7849-55 S. Escanaba Ave. — located in the South Shore neighborhood, this 30-unit mixed-use building sold for $1,250,000.
  • 8055 S. Ada St.— located in Auburn Gresham, the 18-unit multifamily building sold for $1,110,000

“Our team has the most active presence throughout the southside of Chicago,” said Sklar. “From appreciation to rent growth, there is no shortage of positive momentum fueling an incredibly active south and west side market.”
Kiser Group’s Birk | Sklar team includes Noah Birk, Aaron Sklar, Jack Petrando, Austin Parker Justin Turner, Michael Yangas and Ben Goldman.


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Kiser Group Staff