Kiser Group Brokers $1.9M Condo Deconversion Sale in Chicago’s Albany Park

CHICAGO — Kiser Group has brokered the $1.9 million condo deconversion sale of a 13-unit property in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood. Located at 5027-29 N. Harding Ave., the three-story building was originally constructed as apartments in 1931. It was converted into condos in 2006. Andy Friedman and Jake Parker of Kiser represented the condo association in the sale. The undisclosed buyer will convert the units back into apartments as well as make improvements.

“This deal continues the trend of buildings that were converted to condos in the early 2000s now deconverting back to apartments,” says Friedman.

Under the Condominium Property Act in Illinois, condo unit owners can elect to sell a property if 75 percent or more are in agreement. The city of Chicago recently increased the required owner approval to 85 percent. Sellers then have the option to either move out of their units or lease them back from the new owner.

The deal “fits the mold of a property that would benefit from deconversion, with a high percentage of rental units and poor individual unit resale values,” says Parker.

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Kiser Group Staff