Connect Chicago: Kiser Group Sites an Active But Changed Brokerage Environment Amid Pandemic

From listing to marketing, to showings to escrows to closing, Chicago multifamily brokerage is different than it was in early March, the Kiser Group reported.

To illustrate how the state-mandated shutdown due to COVID-19 has affected the market, Noah Birk and Aaron Sklar’s team has brought six new South Side listings to market since March 10—a lower number than usual.

“The good news is that since the state order was issued, we are still actively listing properties,” said Lee Kiser. We listed 10 new properties since March 10, which currently exceeds our 2019 pace.”

Since the statewide order, “Our business has definitely evolved over the past month to reflect new changes and safety precautions,” said Sklar. “We’re limiting the number of showings, and we’re integrating digital and virtual walkthroughs, all with the aim of maintaining a safe environment for our clients, the tenants in the building and our team.”

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Kiser Group Staff