5. Buy-In From Employees

Most of us work as a team and with partners. Sometimes the partners have to be brought up to speed and have buy-in at the frontend of the adoption of different technology. The key is to discuss and share the knowledge base to grow. This will help create a common adoption of the whole base to grow further. It will also streamline complementary technologies rather than a duplication of similar functions. – Chander MishraBlue Ocean Capital LLC

6. The Time To Learn New Tech

Schedule time to adapt and learn. From CRMs to marketing automation to SEO, commercial real estate marketing has changed. When we roll out new tech to our team, we offer training to help keep everyone up to speed and to be able to harness the power of the tech stack. That said, remember most people do not like change. Anticipate resistance until the benefits have been actualized. – Lee KiserKiser Group

7. Integration Of Data And Workflow

Leading your team to the adoption of new tech is the biggest obstacle to advancement. Before introducing new tech, make sure it solves a problem for your team or your clients and then research your options. Buy the most intuitive option, the one that most easily integrates your current data and workflow. Then train and train. Offer constant support via tutorials or a designated support person. – Kristin GeentyThe Geenty Group, Realtors

8. Not Understanding New Innovations

The largest institutions are usually the slowest to adopt new technology because things are being done the way they’ve always been done. It’s been run by dinosaurs for a long time who don’t value the influence of social media and the power it has to convert prospects to customers. Be open to change and see how much of an impact new technology can have on your business’ bottom line. – Cindy DiffenderferOrion Haus Homes and Hotels Inc

9. The Temptation To Post Irrelevant Content

One challenge is being too conservative and not embracing social media platforms like LinkedIn for targeting high net worth offices and individuals. Resist the temptation to post only about the property you have to sell and focus on your story and you instead. People buy people on LinkedIn and once people have bought you, they will buy your real estate. – Chris J “Mohawk” ReedBlack Marketing

10. The Education Of Your Team

There will always be varying degrees of understanding when it comes to new technology aptitude and adoption. It is not the technology itself but making sure everyone on your team understands how the new tools work. Nominate someone familiar with it as the educator for the rest of the office. Give new users time to understand it and be a genuine level of assistance if needed. – Alex ArgianasArginias & Associates

11. Balance Of Remote And In-Person Team Members

Real estate companies are facing challenges dealing with a population that is partially remote and partially in person. Hybrid tech capabilities are key because they create opportunities for individuals, both remote and onsite, to network, meet and collaborate with one another on their own terms. Whether that’s virtually or in person, it’s up to them. – Ryan SimonettiConvene

12. Encouraging People To Use The Technology

Within the ever growing proptech industry, adopting new tech can be difficult. It’s one thing to have the technology and another to get people to use it. Real estate professionals thus need to focus on using technology to create engaging and meaningful experiences in both digital and physical environments. To do this, they can leverage data from this technology to make more informed investments. – Chase GarbarinoHqO

13. Not Committing To Using The Technologies

Don’t adopt technologies without continuing to use them. Technology can definitely be one step forward, two steps back when it comes to consistency of use. The tools that professionals use can be the most beautifully crafted and capable software, but if the user doesn’t commit to using it, it won’t positively impact their business. Take the time to build habitual use with one platform at a time. – Udi DornerSetSchedule

14. The Reluctance To Learn New Systems

Accustomed to old technologies. Realtors are so reluctant that they don’t realize how new technologies can simplify their work. They are so used to their old process that they don’t want to adopt any new technology. To overcome this they need to know to what extent new technologies will help them and how they can accomplish more in less time with new tools and processes. – Sanket ShahInVideo Innovation Pte Ltd.