The Result: Implementing a strategic marketing overhaul and bold pricing strategy, Kiser Group tackled a languishing portfolio sale, successfully selling different bundles of properties to different buyers, surpassing initial list prices and exceeding clients’ expectations.

Challenges and Solutions:

Faced with little interest for a portfolio of properties that had lingered on and off the market over several years with different brokers and ineffective marketing strategies, Kiser Group used its proficiency in complex real estate transactions to overcome the obstacles and achieve exceptional results for its clients:

The challenge of listing The Wolcott Portfolio was multifaceted, with two primary issues hindering its successful sale. Firstly, the properties had lingered on and off the market for several years, changing hands between different brokers, yet struggling to attract suitable buyers. The ineffective marketing strategies employed by previous brokers exacerbated the situation. Despite attempts to sell the entire portfolio or individual buildings, none of these strategies proved successful, as the assets were not marketed correctly, and the right audience remained elusive.

Failed sale attempts:

The portfolio had been over exposed to the market, listed on and off for several years with different brokerages, all the while struggling to attract the right attention and suitable buyers.

New marketing strategy:

Kiser Group identified the former ineffective marketing strategies as a key obstacle to sale and created a new and comprehensive marketing campaign with a redefined narrative and precise targeting to generate tangible interest and connect with the right buyers.

Opportunity misunderstood:

Previous brokers’ strategies in how they packaged the portfolio for sale had failed, from marketing the entire portfolio to offering buildings individually. As a result, buyers couldn’t see the opportunity and repeatedly passed.

New packaging and clarification:

Kiser Group carefully packaged and presented the investment opportunity to the market, increasing the purchasing price in a bold move which ultimately attracted the attention of serious buyers who competed for the portfolio, resulting in sales that surpassed the seller’s goals.