Why a New Logo?


The short answer?

We created a new logo to represent the new Kiser Group: a collaborative team that blends the traditional and the modern, merging classic practices with advanced real estate technology for in depth market knowledge – all to benefit our clients.

Long-winded answer or what we like to call the Lee Kiser response?

It’s a dog eat dog world, and it could not ring more true than in commercial real estate brokerage. At a traditional brokerage firm, you’re sitting under an umbrella next to your biggest competitors, fighting with each other to get the client’s business.

Kiser Group is not that firm.

Kiser Group has embraced a new culture not often seen in commercial real estate brokerage: teamwork and collaboration. As a team, we are able to develop more ideas, increase productivity and magnify our network.  All of this combines to create better service and value to our clients.

Lee giving a broker training at a property in Hyde Park


So, how did Kiser Group create an environment for independent contractors to work together as a team?

We spent the entire last year working to change the office mentality to create a more open and inclusive environment. We created incentives for collaboration and mentorship. We also initiated the Kiser Group MVP Program, which recognizes brokers  who go above and beyond to support the team and company through marketing, education and overall helpfulness.

2016 MVP Winners (left to right)– Danny Mantis, Victoria Michael, Michael D’Agostino

Next, we revamped our compensation structure. Lee Kiser, Principal and Managing Broker, worked with our Directors to create the best incentive compensation plan in the industry. Kiser Group now pays bonuses and royalties; and top producing brokers can earn more at Kiser Group than at competing firms.

Kiser Group staff wearing mustaches on Cinco de Mayo at Bad Axe Throwing

And the simplest, but most important thing we did was just hang out with each other outside of the office. We have a company outing every month for us to get out and do something fun as a team. We’ve done everything from happy hours to whirly ball to axe throwing to escape rooms to Cubs outings, and much much more. Sounds gimmicky but it’s not. When our staff knows each other on a personal level, it helps them work together through tough issues that inevitably surface during deals. This in turn helps our clients get more productive results buying and selling properties.

With this new evolution in Kiser Group’s culture, we wanted to revamp the logo to an image that represent the new us, but with our same core mission: provide the best client service and always bring our “Not-Afraid-To-Get-Our-Hands-Dirty” attitude.







Lee Kiser