Top Apartment Investing Advice from Lee Kiser

Over the past couple of years, I’ve contributed advice articles to the Forbes Real Estate Council about apartment investing, building a career as a multifamily broker and starting a brokerage firm. Below are my top five favorites for multifamily investors, both new and seasoned.

  1. As with life, the more risk an investor is comfortable with, the greater the reward potential. In the article, How Much Money Can You Make From Buying An Apartment Building? I describe three common investor risk profiles I have seen through my career and the return expectations associated with each.
  2. While 2020 is probably on your mind, the investment principles highlighted in Are Apartments Still A Good Investment In 2019? remain as relevant as ever. That said, it’s interesting to see where I thought the market was headed a year ago versus where it actually ended up. In Q3 2018, rents were softening and interest rates were anticipated to increase, and I expected a flatness of appreciation. Guess I didn’t have the crystal ball after all. Nonetheless, some important fundamentals for heading into a flatter market which, inevitably, we will eventually experience.
  3. In Buying Property? Use Your Equity, Not Your Cash I detail why seasoned investors should use reverse exchanges to increase their return on equity and net cash flow.
  4. Investors are always looking to increase revenue. In Five Nontraditional Ways To Increase Revenue For Your Multifamily Property, I suggest ideas for generating additional revenue from apartment properties other than just increasing rent.
  5. For new investors asking themselves Which Is The Better Investment Rental Property: A Single-Family Home Or Apartment Building?, I outline why multifamily is the better option – as long as you have access to the capital needed to make the purchase.


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Lee Kiser