Top 10 Most Read Multifamily Blog Posts So Far In 2020

Kiser Group’s brokers are industry experts known for sharing market knowledge. On Kiser Group’s blog our brokers dive into topics and conversation points they find interesting and worth further discussion. As we reach the half-way point of 2020, here are our most-read blog posts so far this year:

  1. How Investment Properties in Low-Income Neighborhoods Are Faring Amid COVID-10 featuring commentary from Aaron Sklar, Jack Petrando, Danny Mantis, Michael Lacy and Jimal Gilbert 
  2. How Are Apartment Owners Adapting to COVID-19 Related Changes? Rent Support, Investor Concerns, Property Management featuring insights from Marco Cesario, Jack Petrando, Michael D’Agostino, Rick Ofman and Kyle Sissell
  3. Multifamily Brokerage Amid COVID-19 – Kiser Group’s Brokers Share What They Are Experiencing In the Market featuring quotes from Noah Birk, Aaron Sklar, Matt Halper, Danny Mantis and Lee Kiser
  4. Three Reasons Chicago’s South Side Apartment Investment Is Booming – By Noah Birk
  5. Albany Park: Why this Chicago neighborhood should be on your multifamily investment radar – By Jake Parker
  6. Why A Rent Strike Does More Harm Than Good – By Lee Kiser
  7. The Best North Side Neighborhoods For Real Estate Investing in Chicago – By Jake Parker
  8. Three West Side Neighborhoods To Consider For Your Next Multifamily Investment – By Jack Petrando
  9. Taxes & The State of Evanston’s Multifamily Market – By Danny Mantis
  10. Chicagoland Multifamily: Where To Invest During Tax Uncertainty – By Ron Plonis



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Kiser Group Staff