Navigating Commercial Real Estate Connectivity Trends: Insights from Javier Jugo at Xfinity

We are looking forward to our upcoming Mid-Market Summit event on Thursday, June 6  and wanted to take the time to speak with premier sponsor Javier Jugo from Xfinity ahead of the event. 

Kiser Group: What are some of the current trends in multi-dwelling unit (MDU) housing, and how is Xfinity keeping up with those trends? 

Javier: Current trends include making property amenities, communication with residents and other services dependent on technology. That’s why Comcast invests so heavily in building Internet capacity, not just to meet our customers’ current needs, but to stay well ahead of future demand and business trends. Connectivity is the center of our customers’ lives, so we’ve built a network that delivers both gigabit+ speeds and wall-to-wall WiFi coverage and includes millions of WiFi hotspots that give customers Internet access on the go. Our Managed Wifi service provides Internet connectivity throughout the entire property – from individual units to common areas-– giving residents Internet access from their units, to the gym, to the pool. 

Kiser Group: What are some of the most important considerations that property owners should keep in mind when selecting a provider for their connectivity services? 

Javier: The strength of the network infrastructure, from fiber optic cables to WiFi hotspots to gateways, the reliability of the service and the customer experience should be top of mind when choosing a connectivity provider. To these ends, Comcast has invested $1.4 billion in its network in Illinois alone in the last three years to increase speeds, increase reliability and provide an even better customer experience.  

Kiser Group: How does Xfinity help property owners overcome challenges when it comes to providing connectivity services to their residents?  

Javier: We partner directly with properties from the design phase all the way to implementation, to ensure they feel confident that they’re making the best financial and operational choices not just for their residents but also their employees and their businesses. The breadth and depth of services we provide to customers helps us design solutions that meet the property’s specific needs, and our certified sales engineers assist in taking a consultative approach – we never just deploy and walk away.  

Kiser Group: How do you stay up-to-date with changes in technology and the needs of your clients, and how do you incorporate that knowledge into your services? 

Javier: Our goal is to set the bar when it comes to being the solution customers choose. Our network is capable of delivering symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds and we invest significantly in it to stay future-ready. In addition, we design a lot of our own  technology: Everything from our modems to our Xfinity voice remote is made in-house. Our focus on network infrastructure and technology and a service team that assists with everything from billing to tech support can give owners and operators a competitive edge and make it easier for them to manage their properties.  

Kiser Group: Finally, what advice would you give to property owners and managers who are looking to improve their buildings’ connectivity offerings and stay ahead of the competition in this rapidly-evolving market? 

Javier: We have seen so many changes in both the industry and the needs of our customers in the last 60 years and evolved alongside them. Again, choose a service provider that invests in its network infrastructure, has a significant local presence, is financially sound and has a long history in the community. In addition, consider providers that have an array of services, from Internet to TV to mobile, that can offer even more value and options to residents. Lastly, consider a provider that has experienced, tenured people that can help you design a customized solution that fits your and your residents’ needs.  


Kiser Group Staff