Rent Assistance March

Each month during 2021, Kiser Group will contribute $2,000 through its Rent Assistance Program on behalf of tenants in need to Chicago-area landlords or property managers to help cover rent owed. Each month we will document how the money was allocated.


Drexel Properties Rent Assistance: 

In the third installment of the initiative, Kiser Group worked with Drexel Properties, an asset management and property management firm in Chicago, to allocate $2,000 in rent credits. 


Upon being selected for March’s allocation, Drexel Properties contributed an additional $2,000 in rent assistance for a total of $4,000 in rent assistance. This amount was then allocated across six apartment units.


“When I learned that Drexel Properties was awarded $2,000 for Kiser Group’s Rent Assistance Program, almost immediately, we knew who we were going to be able to help,” said Jeff Weinberg, President of Drexel Properties. “A handful of tenants worked hard to get assistance and for one reason or another were unsuccessful. At the same time, they communicated with us, and we were already engaged in helping them. We matched Kiser Group’s gift, and the $4,000 went to six different units.”


“Kiser Group has several charitable initiatives, but given the economic hardships people face as a result of the pandemic, we sought a way to get money directly into the hands of those who need it most. We realized our clients would know those most in need of help with rent,” said Lee Kiser of Kiser Group. “Our client’s participation and matching has already resulted in $30,000 of rent assistance this year for Chicagoans in need. We are so grateful for Drexel’s participation.”


Drexel Properties Impact Stories

After allocating the rent assistance, Drexel Properties shared a few stories about the impact.


Resident A: She is a single mother of three, whose youngest recently started at Northeastern Illinois University. She lost her job at the beginning of the pandemic. $1,000 was very meaningful to help her catch up on rent.

Resident B: This family of four began struggling to pay rent after the wife lost her daycare job at at the beginning of the pandemic. The last few months, the husband began dropping half a month rent every two weeks with thoughtful notes always thinking positive. At the beginning of February, we learned that he lost his job and wouldn’t have money for rent. We awarded them $1,000 to cover their February rent.

Resident C: She is an immigrant with a son and has been struggling to make ends meet while her husband is stranded out of the country due to Covid. We granted her $500 towards rent.

Resident D: A tenant with a heart condition (who has been a resident longer than the 18 years we have owned the building) was unable to go to work due to Covid. Because of technicalities, he was ineligible for rental assistance. We credited him $500 towards rent to help him.

Resident E: A resident working in a restaurant, lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic. He has been doing side jobs to get by but has not had enough income to cover all his rent. $500 will help him continue to stay afloat.

Resident F: A tenant who is an Uber driver has seen his income reduced substantially. We gave him $500 to help him keep up with his rent.


Kiser Group Staff