Each month during 2021, Kiser Group will contribute $2,000 through its Rent Assistance Program on behalf of tenants in need to Chicago-area landlords or property managers for rent owed. Each month we will document how the money was allocated.


Rent Assistance Update

In the latest installment of the program, Kiser Group allocated $2,000 in rental assistance through Legacy Management Services

“This is a challenging time for the Herrons of Legacy Management Services LLC, as well as some of our tenants,” said Project Manager Melanie Herron Short. “Three generations of our family share a long standing commitment to providing affordable housing on the Westside of Chicago. We thank Kiser Group for this rental assistance, which will help two families stay in their homes.  We truly appreciate being selected. Thank you very much for being innovative in how you chose to provide assistance to the community you serve.  You are a leader in the marketplace.”

“Kiser Group has several charitable initiatives, but given the economic hardships people face as a result of the pandemic, we sought a way to get money directly into the hands of those who need it most,” said Lee Kiser of Kiser Group. “We realized our clients would know those most in need of help with rent, and we are grateful for Legacy’s participation.”


Legacy Management Services Impact Story

After receiving the $2,000 rental assistance allocation, Legacy shared the following update:

  • The first family receiving $1,000 is headed by a single mother with four children. Changing jobs and the challenges of child care during the pandemic pushed the family into a delinquent rent status. She said, “This help almost made me cry. Thank you for choosing me.” 
  • The second family has been our tenant for more than eight years. Until COVID-19, they regularly paid rent. But between a reduction in work hours and proudly helping support the first in their family to go to college, the family has chased a growing balance for the last twelve months. The $1,000 rental assistance from the Kiser Group will help bring their account current.

Kiser Group Staff