Each month during 2021, Kiser Group will pay $2,000 on behalf of tenants in need to Chicago-area landlords or property managers to help cover rent owed through its Rent Assistance Program. Each month we will document how the money was allocated.


Icon Property Management Rent Assistance

In the second installment of the initiative, Kiser Group worked with Icon Property Management, a full-service property management company in Chicago, to allocate $2,000 in rent credits. 


Upon being selected for February’s allocation, Icon Property Management contributed an additional $2,000 in rent assistance for a total of $4,000 in rent credits. This amount was then allocated across three apartment units.


“Kiser Group has several charitable initiatives, but given the economic hardships people face as a result of the pandemic, we sought a way to get money directly into the hands of those who need it most. We realized our clients would know those most in need of help with rent,” said Lee Kiser of Kiser Group. “Our client’s participation and matching has already resulted in $26,000 of rent assistance this year for Chicagoans in need. We are so grateful for Icon’s participation.”


Icon Property Management Impact Stories

After allocating the rent assistance, Icon shared a few stories about the impact.


Resident A: This man lost his job due to the pandemic. With a $1,000 rent credit, he was no longer behind on his rent. 


Resident B: She has been unable to return to work since her cancer resurfaced, and this $1,500 credit helped her come current on her rent. 


Resident C: He lost his job due to pandemic. The $1,500 rent credit brought a sigh of relief.


Kiser Group Staff