Industry Expert: Adam Coleman on Navigating the Real Estate Industry, Avoiding Common Mistakes, and Embracing Trends

Kiser Group: Can you provide an overview of Fidelity National Title’s experience in the real estate industry and how it positions itself within the industry? 

Coleman: Fidelity is the largest and leading title insurance company. My National Commercial Services Chicago Office is the ONLY 100% National Commercial Services office in Illinois with Fidelity. Fidelity offers the strongest financial reserves in the industry, allowing us to back up claims and be there when you need us. Fidelity is the highest-ranked Fortune 500 title insurance company.

Kiser Group: What are the common errors made by investors when selecting a title company, and what steps can they take to avoid these mistakes?

Coleman: Is the office and team you are working with composed of industry experts like Fidelity? Do you have direct dealings with the top-ranked direct underwriter instead of smaller agents representing a major title company? Having a direct relationship with our experienced and industry-leading office enables us to offer competitive pricing, efficient problem-solving, and valuable advice to facilitate the smooth closing of your transactions.

Does the office you collaborate with operate on a national level, capable of handling both in-state and out-of-state transactions through its extensive network spanning all 50 states? Are you aware that we can provide powerful ancillary tools to help you manage and expand your business, including access to the largest real estate database in the United States?

Kiser Group: What are the current major challenges facing the title industry, and how does Fidelity National Title address and adapt to these challenges? 

Coleman: Cybersecurity has become a significant topic due to the increasing frequency of wire fraud and title fraud incidents. Recognizing this, Fidelity has taken proactive steps to implement industry-leading measures aimed at reducing and preventing fraud.

Kiser Group: What are some notable trends in the real estate industry at present, and how does Fidelity National Title stay abreast of these trends? 

Coleman: Fidelity has embraced cutting-edge practices in various aspects, including digital contracts, remote closings, and robust wire fraud protections. These implementations reflect Fidelity’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, Fidelity provides a range of other real estate tools, such as the largest 1031 Exchange facilitated through our sister company, IPX 1031.

Kiser Group: Lastly, what advice would you offer to property owners who strive to maintain a competitive edge in this rapidly-evolving market?

Coleman: Trust in strong partners who possess expertise and can offer protection, cutting-edge relationships, knowledge, backing, and tools.


Kiser Group Staff