Breaking Barriers in Real Estate: Insights from Katie LeGrand and Radina Dimova

In the fast-paced world of real estate brokerage, Katie LeGrand and Radina Dimova stand out not just for their exceptional skills and success but also for breaking barriers as female brokers in a predominantly male-dominated industry. As part of Kiser Group, Katie and Radina have navigated challenges, shattered stereotypes, and carved a path of success that inspires many aspiring women in the field.

Below, they share their experiences in a brief Q&A session.

Q: What inspired you both to pursue a career in real estate brokerage?

Katie: I was always intrigued by real estate but became most captivated after purchasing my first condo in 2015. I decided to pursue it full-time soon thereafter and haven’t looked back. While initially focusing on residential transactions, I later shifted my focus to multifamily sales due to my interest in how apartment buildings operate and more complex transactions. I also appreciated the structured work hours as it aligned better with my family’s needs.

Radina: Growing up in a real estate family, I was exposed to property showings and deal underwriting from a young age, which sparked my interest in pursuing a career in real estate brokerage. The ability to create wealth in real estate, even starting small, has always fascinated me.

Q: What challenges have you faced as female brokers in a male-dominated industry?

Katie: I’ve encountered instances where I’ve been mistaken for a property manager or leasing agent, which reflects some of the barriers in gaining credibility with those accustomed to dealing only with male brokers. However, I’ve found that by aligning with other women in the industry it is truly empowering; there is a camradare to help one another that is really inspiring to me. I am on the board for WHIP Chicago (Women Housing & Income Providers), which was founded on the principal that we are more powerful when we support each other. 

Radina: While most building owners and brokers we work with are male, being a female adds a different dynamic to deal negotiations and business relationships.

Q: How do you approach collaboration and teamwork at Kiser Group?

Katie: Collaboration is key, especially in a business that can sometimes feel isolating. Joining Kiser Group, I was drawn to the culture of collaboration and the willingness of other brokers to assist. I am grateful to have a partner, Jacob Price, in the business, and I think our team approach offers a dynamic perspective for our clients, which sets us apart from others in the industry.

Radina: Every broker has a unique approach to deals, so hearing opinions from colleagues with different strategies is invaluable. The competitive yet supportive environment at our firm encourages open dialogue and collaboration.

Q: What advice do you have for other women looking to enter the real estate brokerage industry?

Katie: Network extensively and seek insights from those already in the field. Understand that the initial years may not be financially rewarding, but perseverance and dedication will yield results.

Radina: Don’t hesitate to start your brokerage career. While it involves risks and patience, the rewards are worth it.

Q: How do you envision the future of real estate brokerage, particularly in terms of diversity and inclusivity?

Katie: My motivation stems from setting an example for my children and inspiring other women to join the industry. While progress in diversity and inclusivity may not be immediate, I believe it will improve, fueled by efforts like mine and others who aim to make a positive impact.

Radina: I foresee a future with increased diversity among brokers and building owners, reflecting a more inclusive and dynamic real estate brokerage landscape.


Katie LeGrand, Radina Dimova