A Day in the Life of a Multifamily Analyst

By: Jake Parker


As a commercial real estate analyst, it can be hard to set a schedule when you first start. There are seemingly endless phone calls and emails to be made, clients to see, and plenty of market research to do.


Here is a snapshot of my typical day at Kiser Group:

7:30am – Wake up & get ready for work

8:50am – Fight people for a free street parking spot on Paulina

9:00am – Walk into the office and immediately to the coffee pot










9:05am – Check emails and see what’s happening in the world of real estate










9:30am – Check for new apartment building listings in the market

10:00am – Start hammering the phones to build and maintain client rapport and to learn what his/her next move is

11:45am – See what everyone is doing for lunch










12:00pm – Gather the team in the kitchen for lunch

1:00pm – Do extensive research and underwrite properties for new sales analyses

2:00pm – Grab my daily afternoon coffee at Starbucks with the “Starbucks Crew” – brokers and staff

2:30pm – Call owners for market rent and sale comps

3:30pm – While waiting for the comps to be sent over, I input data from my underwriting into the sales analysis template

5:00pm – Leave work

6:00pm – Work out

7:00pm – Laura makes dinner and Jake cleans up

7:30pm –  Check personal emails

8:30pm – Relax/unwind

10:00pm – Go to bed


Each day is different and presents it’s own new goals, activities and challenges. One day can look like the snapshot above, while the next is spent out on the field giving showings, going to client meetings or going to inspections and appraisals. With a lot going on, here are three tips for analysts to make the most out of their day:


Make a list of what needs to be done that day
It’s important to prioritize your tasks. It’s also a way to ask the brokers what is most important for you to accomplish that day when you can read off your tasks.


Mix up your day
If you have a tedious task to do, break it up so you don’t become numb to what you’re doing. If you start to feel burnt out on a task, switch to something different.


Get away from your desk a couple minutes every hour
They say sitting is the new smoking. Make sure to get up and move around the office to keep the blood flowing and stay proactive.


Jake Parker