A Day In The Life Of A Multifamily Analyst

I have been an analyst supporting Kiser Group’s Partner Noah Birk and Senior Director Aaron Sklar for eight months. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about multifamily real estate and the south and west sides of Chicago. If you have ever been on the phone with me, my southern accent is a dead giveaway that I am not from around here.

To succeed as an analyst, you must learn your market, stay energized, and be organized. Learning your market can include everything from knowing what buildings are selling for, typical cap rates, and the players in the area. With a lot of competing tasks in a day, it can be easy to lose sight of the ball. Staying energized is critical. This role requires a lot of interaction with clients, industry contacts, and your team. Being organized will keep you on track with completing the highest priority work.


So what does a typical day in the life of an analyst look like?


7:30AM: wake up, eat, get ready, check the calendar to see what we have going on for the day


9:00AM: arrive at the Clark St. Office, review emails from yesterday evening and the early morning,  follow up 

Kiser Group Multifamily Analyst Austin Parker


9:30AM: respond to incoming leads to get a clear understanding of their investment strategy, update our database so we can send them listings now or in the future


10:00AM: showings, walking appraisals, inspections and other parties through our listings and deals under contract


12:00PM: follow up with previous showings and new listings that have arrived


1:00PM: herd the team to decide on one place for everybody to order lunch from 


2:00PM: catalog properties, cold call areas around new listings to market listings and check-in with existing property owners 

Austin Parker Multifamily Analyst 

3:00PM: coffee run to jolt me out of the post-lunch slump 


3:30PM: preparing and updating marketing materials with most up to date information 


4:15PM: canvas recent sales to find active buyers in the market 


5:00PM: pray traffic doesn’t have me wanting to drive into Lake Michigan 


6:00PM: go to the gym to sweat out said road rage


7:30PM: cook dinner 


9:00PM: unwind, begin the endless search for a good Netflix series, fall asleep



Kiser Group Staff